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Protect Your Bone Health With Chiropractic Care

The Amazing Function of Bones

There are two hundred and six bones of various shapes, sizes and functions that make up our adult skeletal system. These amazing structures have many crucial roles in our body, including:

1: Storage of minerals such as collagen, calcium, magnesium, and mineral salts.

2: Production of red blood cells, platelets and most white blood cells.

3: Protection of vital organs such as the spinal cord, brain, heart and lungs.

4: Providing structure, allowing movement of extremities, locomotion, and attachments of the tendons of our muscles.

Bones are amazing living organisms, they have their own blood vessels and living cells, as well as proteins, collagen fibers and minerals. This system allows us to grow and repair old bone with new bone. Essentially bones can heal themselves, so if you break a bone it can eventually repair itself, and regain its strength.

Our Bones, Muscles & Joints Work Together In A Synergistic Manner

Our musculoskeletal system allows us to do all the activities of daily life that we love; it is a three part system consisting of bones, muscles and joints. These three components are all unique and different from each other in their composition and function, however they are also completely reliant on one another, and work together in a synergistic manner. If the health of one component is compromised, it will ultimately affect the health of the other components.

Preventing Osteoporosis & Osteoarthritis with Chiropractic Care

Bone, muscle and joint function have a huge impact on quality of life as we age. After age thirty five, we start to lose bone mineral density, and generally as we age we become more prone to muscle dysfunction and joint degeneration (ie. osteoarthritis). Osteoporosis can develop later on in life, especially in women, as our hormones decline in menopause. With osteoporosis, we are more prone to bone fractures - common places for fractures to occur, include the spine, hip and wrist. We can preserve the health of our bones and joints with regular weight bearing exercises, nutritional supplementation (ie. Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D), a healthy diet, and chiropractic care. Chiropractic care involves the use of rehabilitative exercises, spinal manipulation and soft tissue work. By improving joint alignment and muscle function, inflammation and degeneration are reduced, and mobility can be restored which can prevent you from falls and fractures associated with osteoporosis. This type of maintenance care will help you live a long, active, pain-free lifestyle. Take care of your musculoskeletal system and it will take care of you.

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